JJAN Enrollment Workshop

Are your employees engaged during enrollment meetings?

The truth is, most employees are not actively engaged in their benefits because it wasn’t their decision. It’s human nature. If you ask someone who their current dental provider is they will likely say, “I’m not sure, but I know I’m covered.” Something is wrong with this all-too-familiar answer. There has to be a better way.

How can you enable employees to make educated decisions?

If an employee is given a lump sum of money and is instructed to spend it wisely on benefits, do you think they will? The answer is yes. If they have the choice (and a platform to help them), an individual will actively learn what options are available and make educated decisions.

JJAN’s Enrollment Workshop takes it even further.

You’ve made a decision to implement a defined contribution strategy and want to ensure employees are not only excited about the change, but will understand everything they need to know about the new process.

Team members from JJAN provide a comprehensive, on-site educational demonstration to show employees:

  • How the defined contribution approach will enable more choices
  • How to log-in and navigate through the portal
  • How to compare and choose plans based on their individual needs
  • Answer questions about all aspects of the portal and benefit options
  • Help them navigate through the entire process from start to finish
  • And more…

We provide laptops.

Not all employers have the technological capabilities available to navigate through a private exchange. We take care of this for you. Employers have the options of using JJAN for:

  • 10 person enrollment classes that we help schedule
  • 1-on-1 enrollment sessions
  • All day, on-site set up (employees can log on at their convenience)
  • Invite-your-spouse events

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One of our team members will stop in and show you how a “Defined Contribution” approach works for the company and the employees.

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Request A Call

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Request A Visit

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Get Educated

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